Imagineering - The power to dream something into reality

Origin: The blending of imagination and engineering (Walt Disney & Co)

Could you imagine?

All your organization's manual daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes simply happening automatically.

That is what we do each and every day. We don't just imagine something however, we built Techano┬« - our framework/toolkit - that allows us to make that something a reality for organizations just like yours.

 Member-Managed Data

Remember when automatic bank machines came into being? Why would anyone have ever wanted to deal with a machine when there were nice smiling tellers to approach? Turns out that people like to look after their own data and services after all. Why should your organization be any different?

 Membership Invoicing

How much work is it for you, your team, your board members just to keep the records up to date so they can be exported (or even just entered) into invoices for the year. Each and every year? How do you get to that stage? Glad you asked us! Let us show you the steps involved.

 Member Training Status

Do you need to know if your members are keeping their education up to date? Is that part of your mandate as an organization? Are your records up to date or is this a nightmare of biblical proportions that no one has had the courage to tackle for years?