Frequently Asked Questions

There is good news and bad news here.

The bad news is is taking longer because we demo-ed the early alpha to a potential client and they offered us enough money to use our framework / toolkit / skillset / knowledge to build them their own custom enterprise application.

Oh wait - that's kinda the good news too isn't it?

Well actually the good news is the code-base is now common and well funded for a significant time to come.

So we're no longer building this original product slowly - we are expanding the product that is ultimately being built.

Feature creep? Perhaps but only to the extent that those features are on common ground.

Going to market shortly (Q4 2017 / Q1 2018) and then we can tell you all about it

We are not ready for the general public nor are we open for business just yet.

Think of it as being similar to a high rise being built, right now you can arrange for a tour and and see concrete slabbed floors and when you look straight ahead there is nothing between you and the horizon.

You could come back when the walls are up, when the carpeting is laid, when the windows are all polished and gleaming and you then choose to move it.


A limited number of people can get involved and help us design a better living experience.

We are working with those people right now and just like you see the shell of a high-rise long before the demo units are ready for showing so too if you're here you are seeing our shell as the insides become furnished and suitable for habitation.

PS: We do reserve the right to throw the odd awesome rooftop garden party or gala reception from time to time while all the hard works continues... :)

This site is a labour of love, by Gary Hewett, dedicated to all those seeking how to do Internet based Marketing ethically, morally and with suitable respect for karmic balance and universal principles.

For example: Value will always be fairly exchanged in all transactions and we will always respect and honour your free will. (no fake scarcity for starters...)

It is intended to be a model of "How's it Done", providing a strategic blueprint, as well as at the same time actually doing it to provide samples of the tactical details

Far too many people that "figure it out" turn around and sell tactical blueprints (the "how it's done") and figure that the path for others success is doing exactly the same thing they did.

That's kinda like me selling you my map on how to get to Los Angeles when I started from New York only you happen to be starting your journey from Chicago.

Everything goes along swimmingly until you suddenly find yourself drowning in the Pacific ocean when you get about half way started.

My map will never work for you!

How I figured out my map however just might be very helpful...

That is what I'm bringing to the table. My plan is to help you develop your own roadmap to success and provide some of the tools required for you to achieve it.

Magic Marketing Systems is owned and operated by Technical Magic Inc.
Technical Magic Inc. is a corporation owned and operated by Gary and Theresa Hewett.
Easy -- use the contact page ( or write to us at this address:
Phone: 1-613-230-4236 (USA and Canada) (Sorry voice mail only at present -- we do intend to staff this once we start our public ramp up phase)

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