Countdown Clock: T Minus 98 and Counting - The Countdown to a StartUp

Goodbye 2017 - Hello 2018 

Way too much water under the bridge to even begin to document it here. 

Suffice to say that it's over :)

My Git commit logs tell part of the story: 


My body tells the rest :) 

The best laid plans of mice and men as they say. 

Now it's time for the cobble's kids to finally get shoed. (Is that a word?) 

I'm fed up of hiding simply because I haven't done for me what I do for everyone else. 

That is going to change here and now! 

Way more than I bargained for but I bit it I'll chew it right to the bitter end. And I did. 

We expect our first (client's) product to see the light of day sometime in the first quarter of 2018. 

I've kinda had enough of building things for other people for a while -- now I plan to focus on building things for myself. Unless I get a solid partnership with the right people and we build things for us of course. 

However step one is recovery and that is underway.