About Us

Strategic Business Development (Our "Big Rock" offering)

In plain english: We write enterprise grade applications to implement large web sites with user manageable content and significant amounts of data. (English to Geek translation available here )

We currently manage production systems with 29,681,653 records (reading on Jan 5, 2019).  

Price range for custom development based upon implementing our core engine: $1.5M to $5M - negotiable and new development is fund-able via equity or partial equity plus cash if we choose to invest. The price mostly depends upon how much the individual use case matches the existing Membership based core model. The closer the use case, the less new code has to be developed and tested then of course the lower the price. We have invested around $2M in the development of the core to date. (See Logs )

Current Production Example: Radar42.com

MemBrain: Association and Credential Management (Our "Not so Big Rock" offering)

MemBrain is a highly-adaptive SaaS offering focused on the challenges experienced by Associations in managing large memberships with particular emphasis on Associations that manage their Member's Credentials.

Our proprietary MemBrain technology is built upon 20 years of research and experience in the association management domain and as a uniquely significant outlier uses inspiration from Jeff Walker 's book Launch for the initial design of the marketing engine portion which most Associations and Association Management Platforms (AMP) are clearly missing.  

While the marketing engine portion is used for Member Acquisition, the entire platform is actually modeled as an educational platform designed to get the exact right message in front of the right eyeballs at the precisely the right moment in time. This of course means that Member Retention can also be handled using the same built-in mechanisms. The cradle-to-grave transitions from Prospect through Member to Retirement become seamless this way as does an administrator's ability to manage the Membership through all the stages of their life-cycle. MemBrain focuses on drastically reducing, if not completely eliminating, the administrative burden of managing a large membership.

The best magic is always invisible as they say. 

Here is a listing of the core product's Features and Benefits  

Pricing starts at: $2,500 per month delivered via an SaaS model with extensive assistance and training as part of the program.  

Price is a function of:

  • Initial conversion of datasets
    • Format of data 
    • Data cleansing 
  • Size of datasets 
  • Number of Members 
  • Number of Memberships
  • Initial setup of Automation content
    • Can be amortized over time instead of large up front payment
  • Admin Resource requirements 
    • Done for you 
    • Self managed 

While our product has currently achieved it's MVP status, there is still a limited window of opportunity for up to 9 additional strategic alliances to help push the entire platform through to maturity. A Strategic Alliance can be discussed with any association that has a membership of at least 5,000 members, preferably many more, with the express purpose of helping us create a world class membership experience for all the end-users (your Members) of our product/offering.

Current Production Examples:

Our "Next Level" offering:

We also use our Membership technology to deliver portals that we ourselves manage in a growing number of specific industry verticals.

We do offer to strategically partner with industry leaders in exchange for access to the community along with domain specific knowledge. You may wish to discuss entering into a strategic alliance if you already have a strong connection with a specific community and you have a strong message that is gaining organic traction and need a solid platform that allows your membership to scale to significant levels. 

Why do we do this? 

Several reasons, however the most compelling is that we could have spent a lot of time writing proposals to obtain contracts with the belief that we might have the product's mix of features and benefits just right come release time, or instead we could go to market early, while listening to what people that actually interact with our product (real Members) are saying.

The research on this topic strongly indicates that the way we've chosen to go to market early results in a far better product experience and in general the market has significantly favoured this route. 

We like that kinda science :)

The industry term for this is "Eating one's own dog food" -- when we use our own technology to deliver something for us. You really get focused on making superior dog food! 

We also like doing things that studies tells us gets better results. We do our best to remove bias, conjecture and dogma from the design and development phases. We especially like to remove them from the marketing phases as well. 

Data always tells a story. We listen, learn and adapt.

Production Examples:

Our "Lowest Level" offering: 

Within these production portals running in specific vertical industry niches are multiple opportunities for using the marketing and content delivery engine muscle to build automated Direct Educational Marketing systems for the Members of each domain. 

Production Examples:

To engage with us at this level typically requires an invitation. For these projects we only like to work with people that we would be happy to have sitting across from us at the dinner table. 

You may get such an invitation through participation in any of the registry programs above, if they align with your businesses mission. 

The above sites actively gather relevant traffic and we need to ensure that all business registrations are accurate, up to date and on mission within each of the platform's individual mandates. If none of these sites line up with your business mission then please feel free to let us know about what specific domain(s) would more likely be a good fit as we already have some additional "Next Level" MemBrain instances in the works.