The Wizards Behind the Curtain

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C Clarke

Gary Hewett Imagineer

Gary J P Hewett

Gary was born a mechanical wizard. Like many children he would take all kinds of things apart - alarm clocks, watches, turn-tables, radios, stereos, motorized toys etc. What made Gary unique is that he could not only put them together but also improved the way they functioned in the process. Meccano was his favourite toy.

Theresa Hewett Appreciation Marketeer

Theresa Hewett

Theresa was born in wilderness of Nova Scotia, God's country as it's know to Canadians, with it's tight knit families and sense of community. She can spot a fellow Bluenose'r a mile away. She loves to help people, especially when it comes to growing their business.

Techano® is the brain child of Gary Hewett

With an investment of over 15 years worth of blood, sweat and tears plus a couple of million lines of Java code as well!

Techano® routinely runs projects that last over decades and handles millions of records, trasnactions and communcations with the real world.

Techano® is now being redefined with a newfound knowledge and appreciation of marketing and will only be offered in exclusive business support packages or strategic alliances.

  • Techano® makes large complex projects both possible and affordable.
  • Techano® allows small businesses to use big business tools and techniques.
  • Techano® speeds the final development phases of a project.
  • Techano® starts with what everyone else "forgets" or typically can't afford to do.
  • Techano® keeps the cost of long term code maintenance down significantly.
Support for and continued development of Techano® will remain an important part of the Technical Magic roadmap

Marketing has up till now been the downfall of Technical Magic. It was always beleived we would focus on technology and make a marketing company very lucky. As it became clear to us that every company, including our own, has to take ownership and responsibility for all it's endeavours a significant strategic shift began. That shift was represented by the Technical Magic web site redesign effort. Historically Technical Magic couldn't have deisgned it's way out of a paper bag and we were the first to admit that. That changed as we investigated and trained on newer technologies in response to customer demand. We apdated so fast that we've had to take a breather and catch up with ourselves so as not to have a case of "the cobblers kids having no shoes"