An R&D firm with it's head in the cloud!

Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, CMS, Mobile, DBMS and a whole pile of other gobbledy-gook abbreviations -- we know them well :). More importantly we know the power and profitability cloud brings to an organization when used in an appropriate configuration.

How unique is your situation?

Are your people trying to put a square pegs into round holes?

Most organizations spend inordinate amounts of time, energy and effort dealing with poorly fitting informational or transactional systems. The argue that it would cost far too much to fix. Perhaps a better question is how much is it costing not to fix them?

Do you know how to find the correct strategic partner?
Gary J P Hewett

Technology was supposed to make less work - right?

It was also supposed to bring forth the paper-less office as well. How much paper is stacked up in front of you right now? Be honest. if you don't have the time to do all this work when on earth are you going to find the time to explain it to a programmer?

The first step in fixing a problem is..

Don't know what to do next? Let me help

Not all technology providers are created equal. Given enough time and money you'll find that out eventually. Trouble is however that's IF you survive long enough. Better to find an development team that can get it right the first time.

Want to explore what we could do for you?
Gary J P Hewett
Cloud, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS?

All have good arguments so is there a right choice?

Web, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile?

Great now we have it how do people use it?

Buy or Build?

Can we get it out of can? Do we have to start from scratch?

Things we've done

We understand organizations and associations

While it's good to understand complex organizational database structures more importantly we understand organizations themselves. Just like yours.

FreshBooks Invoicing

We connect membership databases to FreshBooks invoicing for a match made in heaven. Single entry and membership mainteannce triggers all aspects of the billing cycle.

Data based decision making

What a concept! Why simply get a report then have to go click on something? Why not have the data itself drive the process? As a member moves through various stages of their relationship then why not have the billing and other processes adapt automatically.

Pearsonvue Integration

Why run multiple copies of a membership database when a single one will do? All aspects of a member can be automatically intergrated with thrid party sites, servics and organization.

Our "real" sponsors
  • The ICRM [Institute of Certified Records Managers] highly values the many, many contributions Gary has made to furthering our technological efforts.

    - Stephen Golden, Director, Records Management at Apria Healthcare

  • Of all the technology professionals I have had the opportunity to work with, Gary is without a doubt one of the most creative, honest and hard working. His attention to detail is second to none, and customer satisfaction is always the top priority.

    - Patrick Murphy, Director, Sales and Partnerships at Hyperline Cabling Systems

  • I've known Gary & Theresa for the past two years and am blown away by the depth and breadth of their knowledge when it comes to technology and marketing. They're passionate about being of service to others, and their clients' success is their success.

    - Janis Weaver, The Connector -

At last a tech company that actually knows its stuff and yet doesn't need to talk tech! We know that you neither need to, nor want to, know anything about technology - just the results we can get for you with it. So we've buried our tech skills here so you won't have to wade through anything to figure out what we really do (unless of course you actually want to).
Java is our language of choice. While the old adage that "to a man with a hammer the entire wolrd looks like a nail" we actually prefer to think of ourselves as one of teh worlds best nailgun operators.
Tomcat is Apache's container of choice for running Java based applications and servicng data via the web. We like it too. Jelastic is currently our hosting provider of choice as they take care of Tomcat container management and scalability so we can focus our resources on devlepment and not implementation details.
MySQL is an OpenSource database that is know for reliability, stability and scalability. We use the Maria LGPL licensed connector to access any MySAL databases.
Eclipse is what we use to hold all our source code tegether, build a test projects in a develpment enviroment and run JUnit testing as we maintain our applications over very long periods of time (decades).
Our Team
  • Gary Hewett, Imagineer

    A mechnical wizard from birth and a highly intuative with a broad and expansive grasp of science and technology. Gary isn't just extremely good at what he does - he loves doing it as well. He *thinks* technologically and translates back to human.

  • Theresa Hewett, Appreciation Marketeer

    Direct from God's country, the beautiful tree-laden Nova Scotia, Theresa is passionate about teachning you how to grow your business.

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